Der Chat lädt
Warte bitte


Ehrentag der Schüler/Schuler Facebook Gruppe
15.12.2017 13:00h (GMT) „Ende offen“
15. Dec. 2017 13:00h (GMT) 07:00h (CST) „open end“

Welche Zeit ist das bei Dir?
What time in your country?

Hier noch die möglichen Befehle für den Chat.
Here is a list of commands that can be used when chatting
/clear : Clears the room’s messages (but not the chat file logs)
/connect {nickname} :Connects to the chat
/help : Shows the command list
/init : Initialize the chat
/invite {nickname to invite} [ {target channel} ] : Invites other users into a channel
/join {channelname} : Creates a new channel
/leave [ch|pv [[{channel|nickname}] {reason}]] : leave
/me {message} : Writes a notable message
/nick {newnickname} : Change the nick (rename it) and notify all the joined channels/privmsg
/privmsg {nickname} : private message
/quit : Logouts the user from the chat
/send {text to send} : Sends a text to the room

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